About Us

The Wellness Coalition is a network of changemakers working to align existing initiatives and integrate well-being into every aspect of life at UConn. Infrastructure for the Coalition is supported by UConn's Student Health and Wellness. Created in 2018, the UConn Wellness Coalition draws on various community change scholarship in organizing and engaging students, faculty, and staff in a collaborative, trans-disciplinary, and university-wide effort to make UConn a health promoting university.

UConn's Student Health and Wellness has served as the infrastructural backbone to the Coalition since its genesis in 2018. While efforts to advance well-being need to be owned by many members of the UConn community, Student Health and Wellness has accelerated the Coalition's progress by convening stakeholders, creating an effective "container" for authentic & meaningful collaboration, facilitating the development of a shared community vision, and encouraging alignment.

We also know that in order to be effective, we need to stay nimble and action-oriented, which is why SHaW's project management support and work to facilitate strategic learning along the way as well as shared measurement of our progress has been so important.