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Who We Are

The Student Advisory Board is an interdisciplinary group of students, staff, and faculty working together to empower students to create solutions for developing a culture of wellness on campus.


We value student voices and are looking for creative solutions that allow and encourage students to share their ideas for empowering students to reach their full potential both in and outside of the classroom, bringing together students, staff, and faculty from across campus to work towards one vision: UConn as a thriving, connected campus community that supports the full potential of every student. 

The Student Advisory Board will work to create space and a plan for implementing ideas that will become a pathway to creating a culture of wellness within the UConn community. 


Innovate Wellness

Innovate Wellness is a space for students to come together to and, through the design thinking process, develop innovative solutions for health and wellness concerns they see on campus. 

For more information visit: Innovate Wellness

Wellness Coalition Student Organization Endorsement (coming soon)

Coming soon

Conduct an annual Innovate Wellness Challenge. (Current)

This challenge charges students to analyze student data about a health topic, and through the design thinking process come up with innovative solutions to improve health and wellbeing on campus.

For more information visit: Innovate Wellness Challenge Page

Produce a Holistic Huskies podcast. (Current)

The winner of the 2nd annual Innovate Wellness Challenge.

Status: The Holistic Huskies podcast is in production and a library of all their podcasts can be found here. The team hopes to provide stories that inspire, empower, and enable others to embrace mental health.

For more information visit: the Holistic Huskies

Expand Pet Therapy locations. (2020)

The second place team of the Wellness Case Competition was Team Pawsitivity. This team proposed expanding the locations where pet therapy is hosted to make the service more accessible to students. Additionally, the team wants to create an app to track when, where, and what dogs will be at the pet therapy events.

For more information visit: Pet Therapy

Implement a Wellness Points System. (2020)

The winning idea from the first Innovate Wellness Challenge was Wellness Points. The idea is to motivate, reward, and reinforce positive healthy behaviors.  UConn students would receive points for doing healthy things, such as going to the fitness center, attending a wellness class or activity, or eating healthy.  Students can then convert these points into prizes once they attain certain thresholds. The point system will promote healthy behaviors, teach students about healthy options, and have students develop healthier behaviors through sustained participation.

Status: The program was piloted on the Storrs campus in Fall 2020. The pilot consisted of a web-based platform.


Design Thinking

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to solving challenges. One of the most common methodologies to design thinking is the 5 phase model. Empathize. Define. Ideate. Prototype. Test.

Design Thinking Example

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